Carrefour’s optimized workforce schedules

Carrefour uses the PeopleScheduler Retail Edition to schedule its hundreds of staff in their hypermarkets. From the cashier line to treasury room, store operations retail front staff to backroom stock and replenishment dept, the PeopleScheduler is used to forecast and schedule manpower.

Every task in the hypermarket is created and defined easily to precisely compute the required manpower needs at every moment of the store operations hours. Whether it is a fixed task or variable task with a specific formula, it can be configured through a user-friendly task profiler function.

The auto-scheduling engine is used to produce duty rosters that comply with country labour laws, store policies and takes into consideration staff preferences and fairness. 

As multi-skilling becomes more commonplace, and cross-division scheduling or poly-valence being implemented to optimize labour costs, PeopleScheduler has become a critical tool to Carrefour, helping the organization to increase productivity and reduce costs.