Our Technology

“We use the most powerful technology on the market”

Knowledge Touch has since its inception conscientiously developed its products using the latest most advanced technology. The PeopleScheduler solution combines state-of-the-art AI technologies to provide some of the most advanced capabilities in the WorkForce Optimization software market. This was done to ensure that the most powerful technology delivers the best possible results for our customers.

The advanced algorithms used inside PeopleScheduler belong to the field of Artificial Intelligence with 2 core algorithms implementing:

Predictive Analytics – Machine Learning for our forecasting engine

Prescriptive Analytics – Mathematical Optimization for our scheduling engine

Coupled with IBM’s CPlex solver or Gurobi solver, the speed to generate an optimal solution takes just minutes.

Cloud platform

Knowledge Touch has our solutions deployed in the Amazon AWS cloud. This gives our customers access to our solutions in a secure reliable environment anytime anywhere in the world.

Highly Valuable Product

It’s technology falls under the Highest Value /  Highest Difficulty category in the Gartner Analytic Ascendency Model, making it a Highly Valuable Product

Embedded technologies