Attendance Time Tracking

Clocking In/ Out at work and monitoring staff reporting is now just a mobile APP download away.

With no biometric hardware installation and maintenance required, ATT is a contactless, economical and handy solution. Download, register and it’s ready for use. 

ATT is safe, secure and convenient, whether you are an employee using your personal mobile device, or running a business using a phone/ kiosk/ tablet. Authentication is done via dynamic QR codes that are generated and verified in real-time.

The screens are easy to navigate and functions simply to use for both employee and employer. Access and viewing of attendance records can be done anytime, anywhere. 

Opt for our ATT for seamless integration with our PeopleScheduler suite of solutions.

ATT saves capital investment for the QSR operator by eliminating the need to install expensive standalone time clocking devices for each store. 

Available on iOS and Android.

Highlighted features


Higher Productivity 

  • Automated attendance processing and data transmission
  • Contactless scanning – safe and hygienic

Costs Benefits  

  • No additional biometric hardware required, cutting down on capital expenditure
  • No running cost to maintain, update and troubleshoot biometrics hardware

Greater Control 

  • Dynamic QR code authentication in real-time safeguards against buddy-punching
  • Submit and review attendance online

Integrates with TMS and Payroll Systems

  • Integrates attendance with Time Management and Payroll systems
  • Shorten payroll cycles
  • Eliminate manual transcription and computational errors