Employee Self-Service

While generation X are not be considered digital natives, the Millennials have grown up in a self-service world and they expect to do everything at a moment’s notice on a mobile device – and generation X is quickly following their footsteps. Which is why adding ESS mobile app to PeopleScheduler suite is a must. 

With ESS managers spend far less time on manual processes, while employees appreciate the ease and flexibility of being able to submit, update and access information.

Empower your employees with the easy to use, intuitive self-service solution.

Highlighted features

Staff scheduling

Employees can request schedule requests


Employees can put in swap shift requests

Manager tools

Managers are able to accept/reject shifts, receive/send broadcast messages to all team employees and receive/vie notifications a.o.


Workplace Efficiency  

  • Employee satisfaction due to increased flexibility
  • Detailed shift information at the employee’s fingertips
  • Possibility to apply for annual leave

Reduced Liability

  • Legal compliance when swapping shifts
  • Upload of school schedules for students

Greater Control

  • The management approval process for availability, leave applications, shift swaps
  • Leave balance


  • Mobile app (smartphones era)
  • iOS and Android compatible