Time Management System

Developed with the Human Resource and Payroll professionals in mind, our TMS solution translates work schedule, leave days and staff attendance into hours, dollars and cents for monthly Payroll processing.

Cutaway those laborious hours poring over unintelligible rosters and manually transcribing timecards. Configure your own rules – in accordance with your local employment laws – to manage how your organization computes and pays Overtime, Allowances, Incentives and much more – by full-time, part-time or casual employee category.

Generate insightful reports, review labour productivity and analyse costs with ease – with all that time saved, you can invest it in other areas of your organization’s growth.

Opt for our TMS for seamless integration with our PeopleScheduler suite of solutions.

Highlighted features

Available on iOS & Android


  • Receives clock in & out records from the Attendance Time Tracking Mobile App (ATT)
  • Receives clock in & out records from 3rd party clocking devices
    (Integration may be required)
  • Matches staff’s actual clocking records against approved scheduled rosters
  • Computes regular and overtime hours
  • Computes relevant types of allowances – Night shift, Split Shift etc.
  • Alerts – missing clocking’s, lateness, absences
  • Auto generates and emails ‘Daily Absence Report’ to HR Dept nightly
  • Ensures only registered / authorized staff report for duty
  • Tracks all employee movements within the premises
  • Triggers real-time printing of ‘Payment Vouchers’ once casual worker clocks out from duty
  • Creates Excel file for Payroll system
  • Integrates to Payroll System for the upload of Paid Hours and Allowances
  • Integrates to HR system to update all staff leave data


  • Attendance Report
  • Overtime Report
  • Allowances Report
  • Daily Sick Leave Report


Higher Productivity Gains

Automated Attendance processing
which auto-computes regular, overtime, short hours etc thereby reducing admin work to manually compute them

Costs Benefits 

Payment is based on actual attendance against scheduled work thus reducing over-payment of an idle hour

Greater HR Control

  • Uniform HR payment rules are applied across the organization
  • Highlights and eliminates bad practices. E.g. Excessive daily/ weekly work hours

Integrates with Payroll Systems

  • Duplicate manual entries and transcription errors are eliminated
  • Payment cycles are shortened
  • Stress on payroll staff is reduced in the rush to meet payment deadlines