Smart Technology and Artificial Intelligence at the core of our solutions

Helping your organization to schedule your staff and to predict sales to create near-future labor requirements


Running operations for a business concern can be simple or complex. Planning the schedules and rosters of the crew or employees should always be simple. Build your employees’ schedules in minutes. Meet every available workers’ unique preference of shift time, according to their skills and capabilities, align the business tempo day in day out so that you have exactly the right number of workers to do the required amount of work, minimizing idle time and non-productive hours.

Track employee hours, avoid exceeding budgets and scheduling overtime, reduce absenteeism and late arrivals, and handle unexpected changes without stress.

Get this done quickly!

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Sales & Labor Forecasting Engine

The forecast is an important part of a good schedule. A good forecast leads to a good schedule.

Ai4C is our new version of i4C Sales & Labour Forecasting system which now uses AI Machine Learning techniques.

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Employee Self-Service

While generation X are not be considered digital natives, the Millennials have grown up in a self-service world and they expect to do everything at a moment’s notice on a mobile device – and generation X is quickly following their footsteps. Which is why adding ESS mobile app to PeopleScheduler suite is a must.

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Attendance Time Tracking

Clocking In/ Out at work and monitoring staff reporting is now just a mobile APP download away.

With no biometric hardware installation and maintenance required, ATT is a contactless, economical and handy solution. Download, register and it’s ready for use. 

Opt for our ATT for seamless integration with our PeopleScheduler suite of solutions.

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Time Management System


Developed with the Human Resource and Payroll professionals in mind, our TMS solution translates work schedule, leave days and staff attendance into hours, dollars and cents for monthly Payroll processing.


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Shift, Floor & Task Management

SMARTT is a visual shift management tool that assists the shift or floor manager to run their shift effectively and efficiently.

During their shift, they can set and monitor QSC, sales and profitability targets.

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On-Demand Recruitment Platform

In times of flexible employment models ranging from casuals to permanent positions, WorkNation is right what you need.

Posting open shifts for your own employees has never been easier. Fully cover your workload by publishing open shifts so your off-duty employees can apply to cover it.

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