• In Franchised Brands, CFOs have to forecast the different flows of cash for the coming weeks/months. This is typically performed weekly.
  • The main objective here is to predict much more accurately cash positions over the coming weeks/months.
  • CFO provides for a smarter cash management with much more accurate decisions related to:
    • The coverage of negative positions or
    • The moving of positive cash positions into interest generating contracts/a counts.

Outgoing Flows:

  • Payment to suppliers for goods & services
  • Payment of VAT, Taxes to Govt. etc.
  • Payment to staff
  • Etc.

Incoming Flows:

  • Receipts from franchisees for goods & services
  • Rebate from suppliers
  • Revenue from operations
  • Etc.

  • Gain clear visibility of cash balances and future flows
  • Achieve a much higher precision of cash positions over several months
  • Precise prediction of future negative/positive cash positions
  • Pro-active steps to mitigate negative cash position and transform to value creation
  • CFO’s AI based engines generate all different cash flows within 1 min.

  • AI engines that predict with great accuracy the cash flow positions for every single day of a given horizon (e.g. for the next 80 days)
  • It is based on cutting-edge AI engines and have been fine tuned for this specific problem.
  • Easily deployable using our partner’s Avaiga’s Taipy AI/ML framework.
  • CFO connects with treasury management software (Kyriba, Fiserv, Finastra, SAP SE, etc)
  • CFO is based on a Micro Service architecture and is cloud enabled.
  • Easily customizable to fit specific cash flows & requirements