On-demand recruitment platform

In times of flexible employment models ranging from casuals to permanent positions, WorkNation is right what you need. 

Posting open shifts for your own employees has never been easier. Fully cover your workload by publishing open shifts so your off-duty employees can apply to cover it. With WorkNation you don’t worry about workload under-coverage again.

Highlighted features

Employer posts a job/open shift & invites crew

Crew accepts / rejects the invite

Employer approves the crew


Higher Productivity Gains 

  • Quick access to large pools of available and trained workers from your store, your chain and public.
  • Fast search for the right skilled workers for the exact timeslots
  • Simplified hiring & re-hiring process

Improve Quality of Your Workforce

  • Reduce no shows through the performance rating of workers
  • Hire higher rated and reliable workers
  • Win workers loyalty