Sales & Labour Forecasting Engine

The forecast is an important part of a good schedule. A good forecast leads to a good schedule.

Ai4C is our new version of i4C Sales & Labour Forecasting system which now uses AI Machine Learning techniques.

The rationale to move from traditional methods to Predictive Analytics is obviously the many benefits and value that ML brings.

These upgrades have enabled our Ai4C forecasting engine to:

  • manage and process huge volume & variety of data arriving at high velocity
  • produce results with superior forecast accuracy 
  • constantly update itself with new data ie continuously learn
  • process data and produce results at a high speed

Examples of drivers that Ai4C manages are:

  • Sales drivers – transaction count, monetary values, items, 
  • Events – promotions, holidays, sporting, school
  • Weather 
  • Location demographics

Highlighted features


Higher Productivity 

  • AI tech can manage more data dimensions easily compared to previous forecast methods
  • Less time required to manually tag data as AI tech can easily identify data patterns and continuously learn

Costs Benefits

  • Less forecast deviations and variances leads to smoother floor operations
  • Better forecasts lead to better schedules which increases revenues and lower costs

Better Accuracy 

  • Powerful AI forecast engine capable of forecasting over 20 different sales drivers at 15 minutes timestep, with over 95% accuracy

Integrates with External Data 

  • Links to external sites allows external dimensions to be considered eg weather sites