Shift Management And Restaurant Task Tracker

Shift, floor & task management

SMARTT is a visual shift management tool that assists the shift or floor manager to run their shift effectively and efficiently.

During their shift, they can set and monitor QSC, sales and profitability targets.

The floor positioning function gives a view if all positions are manned and which positions are affected when needs arise to add or reduce the crew to react to live situations.

During their travel path rounds, a checklist of tasks to complete is prompted to ensure all areas are inspected and in order. Adhoc tasks can be added and tracked until completion.

When the next shift manager takes over the floor, he has a view of all that has happened during the earlier shifts that day, tasks he has to follow through, thereby allowing a smooth transition from one shift to the next.

HQ also has a feature to broadcast important announcements to all managers. 

All these functionalities are on hand on their mobile devices as they run the floor on the floor and not stuck at their desktop!


Higher Productivity 

  • Managers run shifts more effectively and efficiently with visibility of right positioning especially when an actual situation differs from planned
  • Smooth hand-over of shifts as visibility of operations in earlier shifts are easily communicated

Cost Benefits

  • The post-shift analysis measures the performance of each shift for continuous improvements
  • Warning alerts when a violation of labour law compliances are about to occur to prevent hefty fines 

Greater Control

  • Pre-set tasks checklists at manager’s travel path ensure all daily checks are done 
  • Adhoc tasks can be tracked from creation to completion easily

Integrates with ATT 

  • Integrates with attendance clock to provide a real-time view of staff on the floor 
  • Alerts when staff are due for breaks, to clock out